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Peter Vaka is the founder and Executive Producer at the Podcast Radio Network, PRN. He is an experienced film maker, broadcaster, marketer and writer who has personally started, ran and owned many businesses throughout his career. As technology has evolved so has the way we do business. PRN utilizes the RSS feed system that permits live audio streaming on any computer or mobile device. It is the ideal medium for businesses to talk directly with potential customers and tell their story in their own words.

Information or talk radio is growing in popularity and has surpassed video as the preferred way people get their information. Conventional radio is limited by their signal range and requires the listener to tune it at the exact time a show airs. Podcast radio can be accessed anytime form anywhere in the world. Podcasts are archived for future listening. Peter uses his unique skills to put his guests at ease revealing their true character for all to hear.

There are may formats available including a call in show where individuals can call in and ask a question. The questions are then reviewed and the show scripted as though it were a live call in program. This allows for optimum impact and an opportunity to promote what is most important to the business owner.

Start your own show: PRN can provide you with a platform to host your own show. Invite guests, interview your employees and customers and capture the interest of your listeners who will become a captive audience ready to buy your product or service.

Whatever your goal, our staff are ready to help you and start doing business at the speed of sound.

About PRN

The Podcast Radio Network is a podcast service dedicated to providing broadcast quality programming that informs, entertains and educates listeners. Our content providers are local business experts. We provide hosting, production, writing and distribution for business based podcasts.

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