Wherever you go today you will see folks wearing ear buds or earphones. One in six of them are listening to a podcast or audio recording with interesting information on a specific topic. It is no wonder that businesses today are using digital audio to reach new customers. One of the most dynamic and engaging ways to capture your audience is with a Podcast.

So what is a podcast? A Podcast is a digital recording that is delivered via an RSS feed to any computer or digital device. Recordings are much like a radio show with the important distinction that they are available anywhere at any time. Missed an episode you wanted to hear? No problem. Podcasts are archived for future listening.

Why is this format so popular?

Podcasts are informational and entertaining. They are a great way to get your message across by providing useful information as though you had the opportunity to talk directly to the listener in a casual and comfortable way.

About PRN

The Podcast Radio Network is a podcast service dedicated to providing broadcast quality programming that informs, entertains and educates listeners. Our content providers are local business experts. We provide hosting, production, writing and distribution for business based podcasts.

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