Getting Started

Here are 10 steps to getting started with your own podcast.


Decide on the audience you want to reach and determine what they are most interested in. Remember that your listeners are interested generally in the subject matter be it Law, Medicine, Car Repair, Cooking or a million other subjects. Quality matters more than size. If you have 20 listeners who become customers then size does not matter, only results. Many subjects attract niche listeners with a particular interest to what you have to say. They will listen no matter what because you are talking to them. If you know your customer base then you know your audience. Just answer the questions that come through your door every day on the show and you will build an audience.


Content is what you have to say between the introduction music and the tag. It is always about you and your business with a few guest experts thrown in. Let us help you draft a list of talking points for the first episode. The moderator will ask the question and you will answer. It is that simple. If you can carry on a conversation you can produce a podcast. You may be surprised about how much you know and how it seems to come out. Many clients report they did not realize how much information they shared until listening to the finished podcast.


Next, determine where you want to record your episode. If you have a suitable area such as a conference room we can come to you. If you are talking about cooking do it in a kitchen. Here background sounds add to the ambiance and provide a sense of reality. If you are always on the go we can do it from any phone anywhere, just give us a number to call. Set time aside, generally an hour, when you will not be interrupted. If you are it is not a problem as we can stop and pickup from where we left off. The listener will not be able to tell in the final broadcast.


It is time to name your new show. Try to pick a title that talks to what the show is about. If the show is about car repair then "Car Talk" or "Under the Hood" are good choices. So good in fact they are already taken. You get the idea.


There are several formats you can chose from for your show. Most use the talk show moderator who asks the questions of you the host. Others include:

  • Phone in questions (We have a dedicated line for this)
  • Guest Experts
  • Guest Clients
  • Monologue


Professional radio shows have what is called a "Stinger" or musical introduction with he announcer's voice that identifies the program. Credits are also added at the end.


Here is where we go to work. Like a motion picture it is all in the editing. It is called post production and it is where the magic takes place.

First we eliminate unwanted noises in the background. Then we fix any flubs like double words or long pauses. Next we pay homage to the law of UM's and AH's. A few add to the conversational style but too many and they become distracting. To enhance the voice quality we run the sound through a complex series of audio that level the volume and enhance the voices. The finished recording is PERFECT!


This is perhaps the most important step. We attach your podcast to a feed that links to ITunes and Stitcher Radio on the Internet so the world can listen. Here your listeners can Subscribe and receive an email every time you post a new episode.


No, not a radio frequency such as 102.6. We are talking about the frequency new episodes of your show will broadcast. Once you have listeners they will want to hear your show regularly. The emphasis is on the word REGULARLY. To start, we recommend doing one podcast a month until demand builds. Keep in mind your own time when committing to a more aggressive schedule. It is best to do more than one show at a time so you always have one in reserve.


Having a podcast is like having a website. Both have the potential to build your business if your potential customers know it is there and how to link to it. To that end you will receive a custom domain name that links directly to your latest podcast i.e.

Print this link everywhere and include it on your social media pages and emails. Build a following to build your business. Someone is always listening to what you have to say. In business silence is not golden, quite the opposite.


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The Podcast Radio Network is a podcast service dedicated to providing broadcast quality programming that informs, entertains and educates listeners. Our content providers are local business experts. We provide hosting, production, writing and distribution for business based podcasts.

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