Podcast Formats

There are may formats that a Podcast can take. Generally the format is dictated by the the stated by the general purpose and audience. There is no right or wrong format for any given application. It is up to the client to choose what they feel is the best way to deliver their message.

Here are some examples:


The interview is one of the most popular formats and utilizes a host asking questions of the guest or client. A pre-recording interview is conducted to learn as much as possible about the subject matter and your goals. A script with the questions the host will ask is then drafted. During the interview the host may change the script to allow the guest to add something or pursue another area. This creates a spontaneous interaction that comes out in the final recording. 

Call In With Questions

This format simulates a live call in talk show where listeners questions are heard and the guest answers. To ensure that the questions are appropriate to the program we set up a telephone number that individuals can call and ask their question prior to recording the program. To the listener it is a LIVE experience. A disclaimer states that the show is prerecorded and that people cannot call in.

"Live" Remote

Anyone who has listened to Public Radio is familiar with this format. We call it "Our man in the field." The recording is an interview style and narrative done on location to capture ambient sounds giving the listener the feeling they are actually there. This effect can be enhanced in post production. This format requires a more extensive script and coordination as well as travel to the location. Examples of how best to use this format are events where attendees are interviewed as well as excerpts of the key speakers and sports venues. Interviewing the star athletes just after a big win is a great way to get attention and build support for your team.


A Monologue is a single narrator expounding on a subject and giving examples which can be separate audio clips of others. It is most effective when promoting a cause or stating a position. 

The Show

Shows are regularly scheduled programs that feature various topics that relate to the business sponsoring it. Shows can use all of the formats and with the Business Plus Program can sell advertising to offset the cost of the show. Generally shows run at least monthly and run around 30 minutes an episode. It is best to keep it under an hour unless your topic is so compelling your listeners will take the time to hear it to the end. The great thing about a podcast is that they can go back and pick up listening where they left off.

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