The following are frequently asked questions about Podcasting. If you do not find an answer to your question use the form at the bottom and we will answer.

Q: Can I monetize my Podcast?

A YES Many companies charge for their Podcasts. We can set up an online payment system that allows listeners to register and pay with a credit card.
   Once their payment clears they can begin to listen.

Q: Can I put my Podcast on Facebook?

A: YES It is a simple matter to link your podcast to any social media platform including YouTube

Q: Where are my Podcasts kept?

A: Podcasts are stored on our servers and backed up daily. That is why they can be accessed from anywhere. You can download your podcast at any
    time and host it elsewhere.

Q: What about paid ads on my show?

A: With Business Plus you can place up to four ads in a 30 minute Podcast of 30 seconds each. The proceeds go to you. (See our production Services)

Q: Do I need to be in your studio to do a podcast?

A: NO You can use Skype, Google Hangout or our conference line to call in. You do not physically have to be present.

Q: Who owns the rights to my Podcasts?

A: YOU DO You retain all right to your recording as well as the material contained in it.

Q: Is it possible to have guest appearances remotely?

A: ABSOLUTELY Guest can be brought on together or separately at different time and edited into the final show.

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