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3 MEN AND A MICROPHONE - comedy hang out between friends

3 Men and a Microphone: a comedy podcast from 3 friends with a combined 40 years in radio.

Close to a midlife crisis and in lockdown, and while very very bored, they got chatting. This ongoing contact and conversation re-ignited the banter over various zoom get-togethers.

You’ll hear quirky features like the top 5 the mystery voice, on the box, the retro hall of fame and plenty of real life experiences of these three chaps.


They bicker - but they are very very good friends:

  • - Ian is now a photographer and still likes to be in charge as he is ‘The Captain’. He gets moody quickly.

  • - Damian is an entrepreneur and owns his own business... and his own island (the independent republic of Damian).

  • - And there's Darren, who constantly reminds folks he stayed in radio and is a big radio professional.


You can catch them do the live in vision recording of the 3 Men and a Microphone podcast every Wednesday from 8pm.

The live recording is an experience to watch them bicker, fallout and throw hissy fits. Oh yes and some celeb guests.

Side note: Darren once blackballed Damian and stopped him getting a radio gig at the station he worked at - on the grounds he was too cheesy. Now they pod together.



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