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360 YOURSELF - lifestyles of brilliant minds

360 Yourself: a podcast aimed at speaking to brilliant, unique minds about how they fundamentally move around their life.

Discussing the awareness it takes to be influenced by all around them and how they are able to connect to themselves as a creative/artist/business.

The question you'll ask yourself upon listening is, "How do you 360 yourself and 360 the world?”


Mett the host...

Jamie Neale is a transformative, dynamic creative movement director / choreographer / writer / director of Emmy-nominated and other award-winning works.

Jamie works across multi-entertainment platforms of Film, TV, Fashion, Music & Commercials. He is passionate about meeting new people and exploring different cultures to give perspective on how the world operates.

This fascination of understanding mindfulness and human experiences led him to start 360 Yourself and ultimately teach his philosophy on becoming one with yourself first.



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