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A BREATH OF FRESH AIR - celebrating musicians across the ages

A Breath of Fresh Air: music magazine podcast that celebrates the music we grew up with and the people who made it.

This podcast is a deep dive into the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s as it tracks down listeners' favourite artists who provided the soundtrack to our lives. Relive that magical musical era and check in with some of the biggest names of the day.

It's all about their lives, their stories and their music. Join host Sandy Kaye for a series of warm, friendly, personal and enriching conversations. Revisit the music and remember where you were when the tunes played out. This really IS A Breath of Fresh Air.

Since it hit the airwaves, A Breath of Fresh Air has developed into a must listen mix of music,

chat and entertainment that audiences love. Sandy has employed her considerable talents as a journalist and broadcaster to follow her passion for music and people, to develop the program into a lively mix of music, interviews and entertainment news. Listeners are often surprised to hear an informal chat with one of the popular musical legends of their youth.

Big name stars and celebrities across the world now feature as regular guests on A Breath of Fresh Air which celebrates the music and the musicians of the 60s, 70s and 80s, as well as promoting new local talent.

It’s a winning formula – tune in to A Breath of Fresh Air.


A dream!

After a career in broadcast journalism Sandy said creating this program is her dream. “It’s a pure labour of love.” she says. “When I was a child around 9 years old, I used to wait for my parents to go out on a Sunday afternoon. I would quickly arrange the lounge furniture and grab my mother’s single-rose vase to use as a microphone. Then, with a big smile on my face, I would begin to interview all my favourite artists whom I imagined were seated on the couch. On different days, I chatted with The Beatles, The Monkees, Elvis and so many more."

"I loved music then and I’m still passionate about it today. I find the people behind the songs fascinating and I have such fun reaching out and engaging them in warm, friendly banter. I’m curious to find out how each one is doing today, what new music they’re working on and how their lives have unfolded”.



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