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Catch Gene Baxter's interview with Alan Alda

Alan Alda lends his voice and his great interviews to Podcast Radio. The reason? Quite simply, so you can hear them.

Clear+Vivid is a fantastic series about connecting and communicating - in which Hollywood star Alan Alda speaks to people who know how hard it is to connect with others, whether that is with one person, an audience or a whole country.

Podcast Radio CEO Gerry Edwards says: "Alan Alda has a unique blend of humour and insight. He explores ways we can connect with one another in every area of our lives – something we need now more than ever.  It's a pleasure for us to showcase Alan's podcast Clear+Vivid.”

To launch Clear+Vivid on Podcast Radio, Alan Alda spoke to Gene Baxter to explain the thinking behind the series.


The guests are pure A-list...

Alan's podcast is fantastic for many reasons, not just the names he has appearing. In saying that, a few of the star pop up on Podcast Radio via Clear+Vivid.

They are: Julie Andrews, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, Paul McCartney, Betty White, Tom Hanks, Stephen Fry, Madeleine Albright, Conan O’Brien and Michael J. Fox...and more!!

You can catch all of the podcast episodes here. If you love them like we do, we recommend heading over to the Patreon page here. Peace, love, and podcasts!


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