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ALIEN NATION - talking sightings with Jo Wood

Alien Nation with Jo Wood: an ongoing series about extra-terrestrials, UFOs, and asking the question “Are we alone?”

Hosted by broadcaster Jo Wood, herself an avid believer since seeing strange lights in the sky in Brazil in 1998 (well she’s believed all her life really, but that really sealed it), she talks to other celebrities, experts, and everyday Earthlings who have had close encounters.

Listen to their incredible stories.

Podcast Radio says: it's fun to ask Jo how the Pyramids were built...

...the first podcast episode ever played on Podcast Radio!

Alien Nation with Jo Wood is recorded with Pod People Productions, a great friend of Podcast Radio. You'll often hear founder and director Mike Hanson chatting on-air as one of our audio specialists. He certainly knows his stuff.

You can catch more of their great work here...


For all episodes of Alien Nation with Jo Wood:


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