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All the way from Australia - The Last Stand Down

We hope you'll enjoy this dramatisation of Philip J Bradbury's novel as much as we do!

If you’re already a regular listener to Podcast Radio, you’ll know we love to pick out audio gems you might have missed - and this month, we’re excited to be bringing you an incredible adaptation of The Last Stand Down, all the way from Brisbane, Australia.

Dramatised by the Brisbane Podcasting Centre during the lockdown of 2020 - The Last Stand Down features an incredible cast of actors recorded separately because of COVID-19 restrictions, but it fits together just magically. The ten part series (8 parts story and 2 bonus behind--the-scenes episodes) is one of the best pod dramatisations we've heard so far this year.

In The Last Stand Down - lead character Arthur Bayley is bored with life, love and work. He dreams of a James Bond type lifestyle with danger and uncertainty. He finds himself caught up in an insurance scandal involving Britain’s Foreign Aid Program and corruption at the highest levels of society.

When we first got to hear this adaptation, we were hooked - it’s a great story with fabulous characters and top acting.

It's playing on Podcast Radio at 9:00BST and 23:00BST daily Monday-Friday in June.


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