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Another MP talks about their podcast... this time it's fighting Coronavirus

Gene Baxter chatted with Member of Parliament Damian Collins. In what may be an unexpected line of questioning, the conversation was centred around an organisation called Infotagion.

Gene got the scoop on Infotagion itself, after we discovered it via its podcast. It is also an information platform. The overriding aim? To help people during the international struggle with COVID-19.

From it's own 'ABOUT' section, the platform says, "In a public health crisis the disinformation we see everyday about this deadly virus can spread just as far and fast as the real thing."

So why is Damian Collins MP chatting about it? Fascinatingly, he created the organisation, along with David Sefton, a venture capital investor and public company director with longstanding technology experience.

Also included is the executive team of Iconic Labs Plc: John Quinlan, Liam Harrington and Samuel Regan Asante, who before previously created UNILAD, then the world’s largest social media publisher.

Branding and design was provided by Chris Gunn and Tom Love founders of LoveGunn, the award-winning design agency.

All costs incurred to date have been incurred by these persons.

Listen to the interview below.



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