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BABY HOUR - for parents and caregivers

Baby Hour: a premier podcast for parents, designed and created to cater to the needs of young mums, dads and carers of new-born babies and infants.

Babyhour aims to educate, inform and most importantly

entertain its audiences worldwide.

This easy listening and engaging podcast lets you be a fly on the wall as Carolyn M chats with baby experts from around the


The Babyhour podcast is here for you anytime, anywhere - whether you are engaged with your baby or simply sitting down relaxing with a glass of wine.


For the love of babies!

The show touches on all baby related topics from introducing your pet to your baby, to financing for the new-born and everything else in between.

Babyhour is about building communities and connecting mothers worldwide. It’s about sharing and being together on digital media platforms, while still having the personal advantage of the one to one feel about it. Additionally, the show covers parental advice, tips and creative ideas.



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