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BARNDOORS & BANJOS - evergreen football talk

Barndoors & Banjos: a podcast with two blokes talking football nonsense around evergreen football topics.

From James and James (aka James Squared), comes this different kind of football podcast. No results. And no league tables.

Plus, the nostalgia series, such as Tournamental (revisiting tournaments of the past) and an interview series including ‘Behind The’; interviewing former players, managers, media,

commercial directors and anyone else involved in the beautiful game.


You don't need to know your football...

The episodes on Podcast Radio feature topics like the 'magic of cup football', the great players/teams/pundits of the 90s era, the positive and negative influence of foreign players in the Premier League, and...Gazza!!

There is lots to enjoy and feel nostalgic about, even if you barely watched the fuzzy TV feeds of football during the last thirty years. Still, we all love a bit of high definition now though, don't we?



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