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BBC rolling dice on disappearance of Oscar Wilde's nephew

Naughty Nephew Arthur Cravan

The nephew of Oscar Wilde took his boat off the coast of Mexico in 1918 and never showed up...anywhere. Problem is - he was a bit of a joker. He was known to perform 'stunts'.

Was is a prank? Was it for fame? Was it sinister? It certainly wasn't for likes - no Instagram back then, after all.

His name: Arthur Cravan. The fact he is still 'missing' is a mystery - but it irks some that perhaps his cheeky ways had more to do with it than first meets the eye. He also has links to fame and fortune. Time to step up any podcaster who loves a good mystery tale!! This time, however, the audio isn't coming from someone's neat kitchen set up...but rather the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The 10-part BBC podcast, The Escape Artist, looks into Arthur's story in detail.

Our opinion: Don't expect any real answers in episodes 1 - 9. However, the BBC always puts out quality audio with attention to detail, and their mics are glorious. Do expect a thriller by the end of each episode - think Netflix's Making a Murderer in audio form.

Watch out for: Arthur Craven had an unusual combination of interests, so the Beeb's podcast may focus plenty on the fact that he was both an average boxer and an average poet, before concentrating on a below-average boating experience.


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