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BEDTIME STORIES - from Little Radio

Bedtime Stories: a limited on-air series of bedtime stories for both adults and children to engage in every evening.

In this fantastic new partnership, you'll hear Little Radio’s Bedtime Stories every weekday from 7pm (UK). Sit with the young ones in your home as you listen together before bed time.

The series is hosted by well-known Children’s BBC and pantomime star Chris Jarvis. Many of the stories – aimed at children aged three to six – are original.


Chris Jarvis says: “We’ve found these stories to be extremely popular on Little Radio and we wanted to get them to a wider audience so an opportunity to team up with Podcast Radio was the perfect solution.”

However, with his storytelling hat on, he tells Bedtime Stories a little more playfully!!

Chris Jarvis

For overseas listeners, times may vary. Unfortunately, we couldn't control the turning of the world on its axis!

P.S. Make sure all teeth have been brushed before listening.


To hear more Little Radio and Bedtime Stories,

head directly to the Little Radio website:


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