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BENLUNAR - fantasy fiction

Benlunar: a fantasy fiction podcast for all ages. Inspired by books such as His Dark Materials and Harry Potter, Benlunar releases a new and exciting chapter every week.

Written and read by award-winning theatre maker Simon Maeder, with music by Tom Figgins, it is their hope that parents and children - or any fantasy fans(!!) - can listen together and share in an atmospheric audio adventure.


The voice and the sound - tick!

Simon, the creator, is a professional voice actor as well as a director and performer. He has his own company, Superbolt Theatre, and works with larger companies such as Punchdrunk, & Wet Picnic as a freelance actor. He grew up listening to audio books on tape and wanted to create a story that both young people and adults can enjoy.

Tom Figgins is a musician whose work has been played on the radio, as well as performed around the world. He tours as an actor/musician regularly and it is this insight into storytelling that gives his music such incredible, atmospheric qualities. You can find his own music on Spotify or Youtube.



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