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BETTER KNOWN - fantastic interview format

Better Known: a guest discusses six things which they think should be better known, bringing to light forgotten gems and unsung delights that they feel deserve greater attention from the public.

Ivan Wise talks to guests including comedian Alexei Sayle, businesswoman Nicola Horlick and broadcaster Matthew Parris about things which they think should be better known.


Don't just believe us at Podcast Radio...

The Guardian included it in their article on Fifty Funny Podcasts, in which Laura Barton wrote, "Mostly it’s fascinating...But there’s a levity to it, too, and some of the nominations – sherry, the anti-snore backpack, the baked potato – made me laugh out loud".

David Hepworth made it his Show of the Week in Radio Times, writing that it "is one of those gloriously simple ideas that’s the ultimate mile-melter – the kind of podcast that doesn’t date and also has a good chance of appealing to everybody’s who’s in the car…The half-hour format works a treat and the guests reveal perhaps more than they intended.”



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