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BOB GRAHAM SOUNDS - a 66 mile run in the Lake District

Bob Graham Sounds: a podcast about the Bob Graham Round – a 66 mile run in the Lake District up and over 42 of England’s tallest mountains in under 24 hours.

Recorded throughout 2018 and 2019, this an audio account of a year preparing for and attempting the BGR.

A crack team of middle aged dads aim to acheive one of the off road ultra running world's oldest and toughest challenges.

The wisdom learned from the guests recorded for the podcast diary, combined with humour, friendship and patient support from long-suffering (current) life partners gets the boys to the start line... but will they finish?

Hosted by Bob Diggles.


Finding a balance...

Juggling family and work commitments, injuries and unhelpful domestic geography, they seek help from experts of the running world - Nicky Spinks, Ricky Lightfoot, Rickey Gates, best-selling running authors Adharanand Finn & Richard Askwith, record breaking endurance cyclist Dom Irvine, and running biomechanics guru Helen Hall.


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