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Chatting with Niaby from The Spirit of Life in Ibiza

Podcast Radio's Matt sat down with Niaby Codd, the host of The Spirit of Life in Ibiza.

We love Niaby, who tells her own incredible and engaging story. Matt picked her brain on where the podcast came from, and how one goes from being a stock broker to a spiritual podcaster. Told you, it's engaging stuff!! Listen below.


More about Niaby, from The Spirit of Life in Ibiza website:

Niaby is an ex stock broker who saw the light in the darkest hour of poor health and recognised the call of her soul to walk a different path.

That path has led her to be of service to spirit as she gently brings through words of wisdom from a higher source. Both a healer and a spiritual medium, she hopes to inspire people to find the power to heal themselves, so in turn, they too can inspire others to do the same.

Niaby is the author of the channelled book ‘The spirit of Life’ and is also the host of ‘The Spirit of Life in Ibiza’ podcast.

Niaby hopes to gently inspire consciousness in others, not by telling them how to think, but rather by provoking thoughts in people that may not have been previously provoked, then allowing the seed of consciousness to grow.


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