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COLD WAR CONVERSATIONS - preserving stories

Cold War Conversations: award-winning podcast that is preserving the stories of the Cold War before they are lost.

From spies to civilians, from diplomats to dissidents, Cold War Conversations covers the whole gamut of the Cold War experience via almost 200 eyewitness interviews.

There’s nothing like hearing history from those that were there!


More on Ian Sanders Founder, Host & Producer

Ian was born during the Cold War and the ever-present threat of conflict between the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO loomed large over his formative years.

He’s passionate about preserving Cold War history and like those that experienced World War 2, he could see stories being lost as eyewitnesses passed away.

In February 2022 Ian’s work was critically acclaimed when he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society in recognition of his contribution to historical scholarship.



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