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CoupleCo - Weekdays - spouse and business

CoupleCo: a podcast that plays with the idea of working with your spouse. Can it work? Should it work? Does it work in this case!!??

Blaine & Honey Parker first worked together as screenwriting partners in Los Angeles. If anyone tells you that building a house together can destroy your marriage, they never tried screenwriting. (Honey and Blaine know. They've also built a house together. By comparison, it was a piece of cake.)

They had more success in Hollywood than most, sold several scripts, and concurrently wrote a book together. But Tinseltown was becoming un-fun. And as owners of a mountaintop property outside Park City, Utah, they decided it was time to build that house together. They moved in, and despite still telecommuting to Los Angeles, they almost immediately started an agency specialising in big-business-style branding for small-business marketing.

That was 2009. Today, it remains the best gift they ever gave themselves. And after multiple speaking engagements around the world, they began noticing a pattern: couples in business together were always approaching them to share their stories. Great stories. The kind that start with "We had a dream" and end with "...and we're still married." But there are always challenges along the way. How do you balance the business with the emotions? Who gets final say? What happens when you just need space?

Enter CoupleCo. Blaine and Honey love working together, and have learned a lot about what to do, and what to avoid at all costs. But it's all been by trial and error. And there are precious few resources dedicated to the entrepreneurial couple. CoupleCo is filling that void. It's time to bring this exceptional community of trailblazers together.



This podcast is often on the move, and it has that great feel of hitching along on the journey with the hosts themselves!



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