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COURT CASE PODCAST - personal verdicts

Court Case Podcast: Join James & Sweet Tee every Saturday, as they put their verdict on the controversial, the important, and the downright strange that fills the world today.

Court Case delves into interesting and unique stories and cases each week where the hosts give their verdict through witty banter and informed conversation.

Episodes you may have heard on Podcast Radio: 5 of the most popular and most interesting episodes and cases that caused some serious discussion with listeners.

Firstly, the Azaria Chamberlain episode. James and Tee discuss the famous ‘Dingo ate my Baby’ ordeal in Australia.

Up next is the Moon landings. In this episode, the hosts discuss when man first walked on the moon, and whether the claims that it’s all a lie hold water.

The third episode is a big one in the history of the Court Case Podcast: the interview with Jeffrey Deskovic. A man that was wrongly imprisoned for 16 years for a rape and murder he did not commit.

The penultimate episode provided is James’ personal favorite and a unique story. The hosts go into detail on the famous 1962 Alcatraz escape attempt and give their view on why they think the inmates not only successfully escaped, but lived a full life afterwards.

And finally, Hollywood Fixed. In this episode James and Sweet Tee discuss some of the seedy goings on in Hollywood today. From Paedophilia, to abusive Youtubers, it’s all covered here!


Personality plus!

This pod is hosted by James Court (Radio and Podcast Presenter/Producer of 5 years. Capital FM/Heart Radio and others) and Sweet Tee Yates (Airline Cabin Crew).



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