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CRISPY COATED ROBOTS - futuristic culture chronicles

Crispy Coated Robots: transported through time decades ago…the mysterious Chronal Council required Jim and George to immerse themselves into the past culture by taking up normal lives as two average men living in North America during its final years before the destruction (the ‘Big Glow’).

Working as a team, they succeeded in blending into an unwitting society by attending the same high school (Go Wildcats!), forming a mediocre 80s garage band, getting jobs, taking up wives, having children, and living out unsuspecting suburban lives.

Now that these assignments have reached effective completion, agents Jim and George move to phase two of their task: Transmission of valuable acquired data back to the ‘Home Office’ in the future via Chronal Containment Pods (sealed time capsules).

Each week these two brave souls perform their duties in order to give the future a fighting chance to become something better by learning from the woeful mistakes of the past. Crispy Coated Robots is the only podcast that matters.


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