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DIARY, SHE WROTE - personal journal and storytelling

Diary, She Wrote: a podcast that explores raw, personal and explicit true stories about the complexities of sex, dating and coping with grief.

Liz Beardsell has written a diary every day of her life since 1994. At the age of 12 she started to document her life in the form of traditional pen to paper diary writing.

Liz finds the process of writing down her thoughts and experiences every day an extremely restorative and beneficial practice, and for her, it’s the cheapest form of therapy.

Liz in action!

Phew! Take a breath...

Diary, She Wrote is intense in all the right ways, we love this podcast here at Podcast Radio. Overall, it's made up of over 9,000 diary entries!

Liz never intended to publicise her stories. But after doing a reading of a diary entry one night at a spoken word event in London, both friends and strangers encouraged her to share more and more. Voila - we have a podcast!



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