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DIVA BEHAVIOR - how we perceive celebs

Diva Behavior: a podcast about celebrity culture and how we perceive women in the public eye.

Host Molly Mulshine interviews guests about their fame, pop culture and everything diva-adjacent.

Regarding the spelling...this is the first podcast to cause us grief on the U.K. vs U.S. spelling debate! But we certainly love the podcast - it shows how international podcasting can be.


More on Molly...

Molly Mulshine is a comic, writer and content creator from the U.S., now living in London.

With comedy covering everything from Instagram addiction to politics, she's been described as "magnetic" and "a vixen with a cause" (seriously!).

Molly is a former editor of Business Insider and Galore magazine, and her work has been published by Elle, BuzzFeed and more.

Catch Molly on twitter: @mollmulshine


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