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DOG BLESS YOU - with Nikki Tibbles

Dog Bless You: a podcast about dogs, their loyalty, their unconditional love and their ability to change our lives. Oh, and its host is the excellent Nikki Tibbles.

Nikki is the founder of Wild At Heart Foundation. She speaks to people in the public eye - who are dog lovers - about how their pets have made an impact on their lives.

She also talks to experts and activists about the plight of some dogs - those in puppy farms or the 600 million worldwide strays.

So whether you have adopted a rescue, got one from a credible responsible breeder, or just love dogs, this is the show for you.

Nikki Tibbles: now that's colourful

This podcast is all about giving too!

For more information on rescuing a dog or to make a donation, the team behind Dog Bless You asks you to check out the Wild At Heart Foundation.



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