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DON'T TAKE OUT YOUR PHONE - industry expert stories

Don't Take Out Your Phone! A podcast consisting of unedited conversations with industry leading experts about their journeys and lessons learnt.

DTOYP! believes that each individual story can illuminate a million more. It is made up of conversations about the major topics people want to talk about from business to science and technology.

Consisting of a humorous and conversational format, episodes are 30mins - 1 hour in length. The overriding subject is: the world, life and human experiences.

Hosted by British entrepreneur, Lewis Maleh

The power of the story...

The team behind DTOYP! believe remind us that stories are how we make sense of the world and the people around us.

As children we meet the world through stories, by telling and listening... so why should we stop? DTOYP! is an opportunity to start telling and listening to stories again.


DTOYP! has some excellent audience stats... Typically 21 - 55yrs, C-Suits to young entrepreneurs, and Industry influencers.

At last glance, the podcast had grown to around 17k downloads per month across all platforms and has been featured in the top 5 on iTunes, UK Business Podcast.

It's a cool title too!


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