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EDEN'S END - 5 part murder mystery set in 1939

Eden's End: an intriguing audio-drama set in 1939.

The sleepy little village of Brampton in Kent is usually peaceful and quiet. This is shattered by the arrival of Hop Pickers from London’s bustling East End.

A beautifully produced series that will make you wish there were more episodes before you've finished the first instalment!


The voices, sounds, and the words...

Shaun Williamson is the writer of the series, you'll know his name from Eastenders and Extras.

Dominic King (L), Sid Moon, Shaun Williamson (R)

The performances are flawless from every character, and the sound effects are perfectly attuned to the tone of the story.

The cast are named at the end of every episode, which makes sense, especially when you have such fantastic vocal performances.

The full team!

This podcast series is only available on a handful of platforms. Give it a google or check out the episodes on SoundCloud here. Or...


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