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ESC Insight - Eurovision Song Contest News

ESC Insight: brings you all the backstage news, song reviews, and star interviews from the world of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Join Ewan Spence and the team to stay up to date with all the news as countries select their 'Songs For Europe'; agree or disagree with the hosts as they review all the songs in our Eurovision Juke Box Jury, and prepare for all the Eurovision you can cope with (and more) as the podcast heads backstage in the weeks before the Semi Finals and Grand Final in May.

More articles and audio available in the links below.


There's a whole community to love!

Ewan Spence is a BAFTA nominated broadcaster and podcaster, and is one of the key voices behind the Eurovision Song Contest community at ESC Insight.

Alongside their Eurovision podcast, you'll find a team of writers and contributors examining all aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest. ESC Insight adds more depth and knowledge to the online Eurovision community.

The gang


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