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EXTRAORDINARY STORIES OF BRITAIN - truly wonderful story-telling

Extraordinary Stories of Britain: a podcast packed with fun and informative tales from Britain's long and storied past. 

Visiting little-known corners of history, shedding new light on familiar faces, uncovering unusual - and sometimes bizarre - facts along the way, this is the podcast for anglophiles, history buffs, and anyone interested in finding out more about the UK.


Marc Zakian


Marc Zakian is a writer, photographer and podcaster.


As a journalist he has written for all the major UK titles: from The Guardian to The Times and The Telegraph. Marc lives in East London and has photographed its changing cityscape, with work featured in books, including 111 Places in London's East End that you Shouldn't Miss.   

Marc has worked in screen drama,  from a ITV soap opera set in Bermondsey, to a horror film made in an empty east end hospital.

He is a Blue Badge history guide and founded the Extraordinary Stories of Britain podcast to bring together his interest in media and history.  Its mission is to visit little-known corners of British history, shed new light on familiar faces, and uncover unusual - and sometimes

bizarre – stories in an entertaining and informative podcast.   

Antony Robbins - Mr Londoner

Contributor & Partner

Antony Robbins  - AKA Mr Londoner -  is a writer, broadcaster and Blue Badge history guide.  

A former director of the Museum of London, he can often be heard on radio talking about the capital. An expert on 20th-century history, he tells the story of London through the eyes of prominent figures – from Winston Churchill to Jimi Hendrix.

Antony’s passion is heading off the beaten track to re-discover lesser corners of the Metropolis, whether that’s exploring surprising Roman remains or uncovering East London’s vibrant street art.

He has a passion for bespoke makers and artisans and collaborates with some of the very best independent retailers and beautiful historic shops.

He is a partner and regular contributor to the Extraordinary Stories of Britain podcast.

Laura Adams

Contributor & Partner

Laura Adams is an actor, Blue Badge history guide, speaker and founder of the Wome Inspire project.


After training at Webber Douglas, Laura worked as an actor in repertory and touring theatre, including a season at the RSC and playing the role of Sam in the BBC series September Song.


A guide since 2016, she loves running tours around our buzzing metropolis, revealing hidden corners, unexpected stories and uncovering the London of yesteryear.


Laura’s passion is women's history; during lockdown, she founded the Women Inspire blog and podcast. She gives women-themed walks and presents in schools - inspiring our next generation with stories of remarkable women.


Laura is delighted to be working with Marc on his Extraordinary Stories of Britain podcast.



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