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Fifty Shades of Dave: this podcast has been best described as a brutally honest, ‘warts and all’ exposé of the perception of male mental health in modern society; specifically, the north of England.

The story follows local radio hosts Rosie and Neil, whose show is going well until they get a tweet one evening from a man who needs their help. A man who says he isn’t coping. A man named ‘Dave’.

The brash and unashamed narrative unapologetically reflects actual life events of the writer and blends risqué, tongue in cheek humour with gut wrenching drama and

heartbreak, as told through the troubled character of ‘Dave’.

Warning: although episodes have been adapted for broadcast, the original series contains very strong language and themes of an adult nature from the outset. It also contains triggering accounts of grief and suicide.


‘Fifty Shades Of Dave’ was written and produced by David Lee. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Opening theme ‘The Man With The Heart Of Stone’ written and produced by Curtis Ledsham, Tom Sturgess and David Lee is available to stream now on all major outlets.

Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved. Additional Music recorded and produced by Curtis Ledsham. Copyright 2019, All Rights Reserved. Recorded at Material Studios, Liverpool.

Many thanks to series editor, Elizabeth Pascoe. Sound effects obtained from

Cast: Cast: Fenella Fudge, Claudia Greer, Allan Lear, Curtis Ledsham, Nadya Lee, Richard Oliver, James Phillips, Michael Prosper, Hannah Thompson Ashley Tyler and David Tyson.



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