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FIRST DRAFT - interviews on writing

First Draft: this wonderful podcast highlights the voices of writers as they discuss their work, their craft, and the literary arts.

Released as weekly episodes hosted by Mitzi Rapkin, the podcast features fiction and non-fiction writers, essayists, and poets.

Mitzi reads a book a week - impressive!

Based in Colorado, USA, Mitzi's own writing has appeared in the LA Times, NPR, Living on Earth, and Aspen Magazine (among others).


From public radio to... Podcast Radio

First Draft's first show aired 6th June, 2013, on Aspen Public Radio. It then aired every Monday...then online...and now as a podcast!

After funding issues with Aspen Public Radio, host Mitzi Rapkin got self-motivated, highly committed, and a whole load of inspirational - and continued the podcast journey, waging war against the funding tribulations.

Mitzi gives herself the target of interviewing at least 40 writers per year; however, most years she exceeds that goal. She has steadily built a guest list of writers she is extremely proud of. As are we here at Podcast Radio.



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