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FLYING IN THE FACE OF FATE - LGBT+ fantasy fiction

Flying in the Face of Fate: an LGBT+ fantasy audio fiction podcast.

The story follows Lin Chasso, the first elf to be born without magic and Caelan Harlaw, his bodyguard with benefits.

They try to navigate living in a very magical world, and close relationships, while they are both very bad at romance. Add a large bounty on Lin’s head, a past Caelan refuses to reveal, and the rumours of a dangerous might not be the easiest journey for the two characters, but it makes for fascinating listening!!


The Creators...

Merry (They/Them) @muddyevilist Merry is someone who embodies “jack of all trades, master of none.” They write, narrate, record, and edit the podcast. They spend most of their time writing, drawing, painting, or trying to catch up on video games.

Ash (She/Her) @returner424 Ashley is a liberal pansexual feminist American who is as loud as one might expect based on those things. She co-writes the podcast and helps with characterisation. She enjoys creating characters and narratives but lacks the attention and skill to write them long form. In her free time, she likes playing video games and consuming all things D&D.

Heather (They/She) @nasappho Heather is a recent Creative Writing graduate who, on that basis, is fairly sure they know what a story is. They help not only edit the story but lets Merry bounce their ideas off them. In their free time they play guitar when they aren't playing any tabletop RPG they can find a quick start for.



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