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FOLK ON FOOT - walking/singing with folk artists

Folk On Foot: a podcast that combines phenomenal conversations and great folk music, whilst each episode navigates its way through beautiful surroundings.

A true exploration of the arts through all elements of sound.

“The music is transcendent, the sense of place is transporting and if you need escape – from politics, from illness, from anything – it’s a restorative breathing space in sound.” That’s how the Daily Telegraph critic Charlotte Runcie described Matthew Bannister’s multi-award-winning podcast.

In each episode he goes walking with a leading UK folk musician in a landscape that has inspired them. As birds cry, waves crash on the shore or rivers ripple past, they tell stories of history, natural history and their own musical lives and sing and play exclusive acoustic songs on location.


Festivals and all...

There are more than fifty episodes to enjoy, including highlights of three “Folk on Foot Festivals” staged during the lockdown to raise money for musicians who have lost their livelihoods.

Folk on Foot also hosts the monthly Official Folk Albums Chart Show – the best way to keep up to date with the amazing folk music being made right now across the UK and Ireland.



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