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Gene meets Shaun Wallace of The Chase

Podcast Radio's Gene Baxter sat down with Shaun Wallace. Yes, The Chase's Shaun Wallace.

Don't worry, the interview is much friendlier than the image above may suggest.

Nicknamed ‘The Destroyer’ and the ‘Legal Eagle’, Shaun has dominated ITV’s game show ‘The Chase’ since 2009.

Find out what Shaun is up to when he's not chasing down contestants - as the two discuss life, being on TV, and friendships. Listen below.


Hailed as one of the best brains in Britain, Shaun has taken the intelligence-based game show circuit by storm.

Best recognised as one of the iconic ‘Chasers’ on ‘The Chase’ Shaun utilises his academic excellence to outwit contestants of the game show. Also, a practising barrister and lecturer, the recognisable television personality has had a vast and accomplished career.

A key feature of the show from its inaugural series, for over a decade, Shaun has been impressing audiences with his wealth of knowledge across a spectrum of subjects.

In 2020, Shaun also appeared in Racism: My Story, a programme responding to the rising racial tensions across the globe.


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