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Gerry interviews Jonny Gould about... everything

Gerry sat down...remotely...with Jonny Gould. The two talked about podcasting and life.

What starts as a chat about Jonny's fantastic series called "Jonny Gould's Jewish State", then leads into a meandering discussion on the changing face of the world.

Subjects include: the Coronavirus reaction, the meaning of the word 'peace', McDonalds being closed, the spelling of their nicknames, and contextualising the concept of 'celebrity'.

These two could talk for England. So long as they don't get injured before heading back to Everton and Aston Villa (sorry, football joke).


Jonny Gould's been around the mic...

Jonny is a former IRN and BBC journalist. The broadcaster also headed sports and business bulletin provider Sportsmedia, and has several podcast interests too.

Jonny Gould's Jewish State guests so far have included record producer Trevor Horn (Video Killed The Radio Star), the former head of Shin Bet, Yaakov Peri and Richard Millett.


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