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OK, we'll bite...what's Giving Tuesday Podcasts??

Podcast Radio got a little curious when we read the line, “The Best Podcasts You’ve Never Heard Of”.

As quick as a flash, we jumped into bed with this great cause, aimed at sharing the love for podcasters who feel like they're sometimes treading water...quite a few mixed metaphors in there, aren't there?

The official press release version is below - or you can catch Gerry chatting to the brain behind it all, Brett de Hoedt.


Podcasters clamouring for new listeners will enjoy global exposure thanks to London’s Podcast Radio which has been announced as the Official UK Partner for the inaugural Giving Tuesday Podcasts campaign, premiering Tuesday May 12.

The idea behind Giving Tuesday Podcasts is simple: podcasters release a special episode of their podcast on Tuesday May 12, listing three recommended podcasts. The only rule: don’t recommend your own. Podcast listeners can join in with their recommendations on social media including the hashgtag #givingtuesdaypodcasts and a link to the Giving Tuesday campaign website in their home country.

“We showcase the best podcasts we can find all day, every day so it makes sense to open up to podcasters recommending their favourites,” says CEO Gerry Edwards. “We might even pick up some of the new shows.”

Giving Tuesday Podcasts – which is open to podcasters globally - is the brainchild of Australian-based Giving Tuesday spokesperson Brett de Hoedt.

“There’s - literally - a million podcasts out there,” says de Hoedt who hosts The Hardest Word podcast.

“Competition is fierce. That’s why the Podcast Radio’s partnership means so much. The chance to have your podcast recommended on London radio is staggering.”

Giving Tuesday Podcasts is a chance for under-appreciated, niche and diverse productions to get their due. About Giving Tuesday: Giving Tuesday is a global day celebrating giving, generosity and helping others.

“Giving” can mean donating, volunteering, thanking or another act of generosity. Originating in the US, it’s a growing global movement. It’s hoped that Giving Tuesday Podcasts will drive people to the Giving Tuesday websites in their countries where they will discover other ways to give.


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