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GO BEYOND HERE - spiritual conversations with musicians

Go Beyond Here: a podcast that explores spiritual conversations with singer-songwriters/composers whose music has been part of the soundtrack of our lives.

After years of interviewing A-list musicians as part of her job as a journalist, Kari Young embraced the spiritual side of her life - her gift of connecting loved ones from the Other Side and became a guest on radio in the U.S. and Canada.

With years of encouragement from radio friends to do a podcast, she's now combining her old music blog about honouring one's gifts and living out the "Mozart life," when she was a Huffington Post contributor and her radio work.

Kari chats with legacy singer-songwriters/composers...while giving them a reading!

Listen out for moments like connecting The Zombies'

Chris White with Terry Quirk. Quirk did the artwork for their seminal "Odessey and Oracle" and had recently just passed.

Kari says, "Hopefully these conversations will help people honour their own gifts and find their raison d'etre at a time we're reminded that tomorrow is not a given and life is all too short and precious."


Kari is a fascinating host!

Kari Young is a longtime writer with bylines including Paste, PopSugar UK, Daily Telegraph Magazine, KCET, Kindred Spirit UK, Huffington Post, Thrive Global. She is the medium for "Nightside with Dan Rae" on WBZ, Boston iHeart Radio and as been on other major U.S. markets, Canada, SiriusXM’s Jenny Hutt, Lance Bass shows and Shade 45’s All Out Show as return guest.

Kari's readings were exclusively offered in the official Grammy gift bags to presenters/performers and written up in Harper's Bazaar. She donates pet readings to William Shatner's annual horse show silent auction.

You can hear Podcast Radio's interview with Kari herself right here!



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