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Gould's going for gold on Stitcher

We like Jonny Gould. That's probably a good place to begin this article. It also makes it much easier to rave about his podcast, Jonny Gould's Jewish State.

A few weeks ago, we featured Jonny's podcast as our Special Mention. It has great guests, but more importantly, it has engaging ideas and discussions. Jonny doesn't shy away from the hard-hitting subjects around Israel and being Jewish.

A few days after we introduced the podcast to our schedule, we noticed a fantastic trend....podcasting's much desired upward trend!!! On Stitcher's official podcast rankings, Jonny Gould's Jewish State jumped into the dizzying spots.

Jonny explains:

"Shooting up from number 95 to the Top 20 of Stitcher’s world and international chart is a double-edged sword. With this entirely new audience, the pressure is on to get even bigger guests. But it should be less of an issue with everyone in lockdown! The downloads are now 24/7. I'm waking up in the mornings with new listeners across Australia and California! Welcome!"


You can hear Jonny Gould's own interview on Podcast Radio here.


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