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IN THE SLAMMER - stories from behind bars

In The Slammer: a podcast discussing 35 years inside with Noel ‘Razor’ Smith’, where they explore some of the ins and outs of what really happens in a life of crime.

Noel 'Razor' Smith is a former bank robber who in his time as a criminal committed over 200 bank robberies. He also has 58 convictions against him for various charges, including armed


Noel - now a reformed character - spent 35 years in prison over the course of his life. In this podcast and video series, Noel bares all about being a criminal, what it was like doing time, and shares gripping stories; including ones about his life while growing up and living in London.


Opening Up...

Listen in as Noel talks to Elliott Frisby about how the prison system treats inmates, court trials, smuggling, learning to trust people, and the impact mental health

and a cocktail of drugs had on people he shared cells with whilst in prison.

This is the podcast that will bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so find out what life is really like... In The Slammer!



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