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John Ryan joins us with his Pod Roast

First question: do we use a cheesy term like "hot" off the press for this? No? OK.

Otherwise, John would probably roast us too.

Here's the full info on Podcast Radio's new baby.


Pod Roast is launched by Podcast Radio

A scathing new weekly podcast review show is being launched by Podcast Radio written and hosted by the broadcaster who lambasted a trailer for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex podcast.

John Ryan’s Pod Roast is part of Podcast Radio’s Original (PRO-Shows) programming and starts on Friday 15 January. John spent 23 years in the BBC running stations in Northampton, Leeds and Manchester.

As part of his Listened In aircheck blog, where he reviews random 20-minute samples of audio, John recently critiqued the launch trail of the new Harry and Megan podcast.

He wrote: “It’s hard to believe anyone with any radio, podcasting or audio credentials was involved in this pained birth, but if they were, take them out the back of Archewell Audio and shoot them through the ears as they’re clearly surplus to requirements.”

On the Duchess, he commented: “I mean, she is an actress. But I’ve heard people sound more excited putting their trash out.”

Podcast Radio director Paul Chantler said: “We love John’s clever, witty ferocity for which he is well known. Since we launched nearly a year ago, we’ve been looking for a podcast critic who can be both insightful and entertaining and John is our guy”.

John Ryan said: “Yeah, whatever Paul. There are 43 million podcasts in the world. By the time you have finished reading this sentence, it’ll probably be 44 million. Some are amazing. A lot of them suck. Join me, weary-eared and disappointed, for the Pod Roast.”

Each week John Ryan’s Pod Roast will review two or three popular mainstream podcasts produced by the big production companies. The episode will first air at midday (GMT) each Friday and then be repeated across the schedule in subsequent days.

CEO Gerry Edwards said: “John Ryan’s Pod Roast is yet another new and unique way to discover podcasts on Podcast Radio and its many platforms.”

Podcast Radio launched last February and broadcasts on digital radio in London, Surrey, Manchester and Glasgow as well as streaming online worldwide. The station aims to help make it easier to navigate and discover the 1.5 million podcasts available now and plays samples 24/7.

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