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Jonny Gould's Jewish State: a podcast from British broadcaster Jonny Gould, for Jewish and non-Jewish listeners alike.

From Middle East peace to stand-up, from Lord Balfour to Israeli Health Tech, from pop music to smoked salmon to football, Jonny produces this regular podcast. As guests, it features people from all religions and walks of life.

At the time of writing, this podcast is the most listened-to English language Jewish podcast series outside of North America.


Jonny, Jonny, Jonny!

Jonny is a former IRN and BBC journalist and previously headed sports and business bulletin provider Sportsmedia.

He says: “Although it’s called Jonny Gould’s Jewish State, many of my guests aren’t Jewish. We’ve found the way to success is to bust out of the echo chamber!”

Here his own interview on Podcast Radio here.



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