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Kavita talks to Dr Jan Smith

If you have never heard of 'psychological safety', this chat is the perfect place to consider your work/life balance, and the struggles within it.

Dr Smith is the founder of the independent psychology practice, as well as an HCPC and BPS registered Chartered Psychologist.

For over 15 years, Dr Smith has considered the idea of self-care, balance, and treating your mind well. Jan has also supported clients who have experienced birth-related trauma, and healthcare staff who are suffering from vicarious trauma, burnout, moral injury or stress.

Kavita grabbed ten minutes with Dr Jan Smith. Listen below.


Jan is also the Clinical Lead for the national birth trauma campaign, Make Birth Better.

Jan provides leadership coaching services and supports organisations to create nurturing places for their staff to thrive. She is Head of Clinical and Wellbeing Services at Kura Human Factors. Jan holds a research post at Sheffield Hallam University.

Jan has also written and published about the impact of moral injury and vicarious trauma on staff, as well as a preventing and managing birth trauma in maternity. She has written, ‘Nurturing Maternity Staff: How to Tackle Trauma, Stress, and Burnout to Create a Positive Working Culture in the NHS’, and ‘Help for the Helpers: Managing the Effects of Psychological Trauma in Health & Social Care Staff’.


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