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Man oh man, we've launched in Manchester too!

We'll admit, it's an exciting time here at Podcast Radio. Here's the latest from us...

Podcast Radio has expanded to Manchester and announced a new raft of featured podcasts from the city, as well as a new content deal with a major U.S. podcast producer.

We launched in London and Surrey in February, and now also broadcasting on the Manchester minimux to Greater Manchester and Salford.

Among the new podcast series being featured, you'll hear Coming Out Stories, the Manchester-based podcast that has just won a book deal, and the Distinct Nostalgia series from radio production company Made In Manchester (MIM), which reunites some of the biggest stars of TV and films of the past.

MIM Founder Ashley Byrne says: “It’s great that Podcast Radio can now be heard in the Manchester area. The North of England is a hotbed of creativity and production talent. Made in Manchester is celebrating 15 years this week and is pleased to partner with Podcast Radio and offer listeners some exclusive content.”

Podcast Radio CEO Gerry Edwards says: “Our plan is to expand to other parts of the country and Manchester was first on our list. Podcast Radio has attracted a lot of interest and a growing audience in London and indeed from other countries, including the USA.”

Podcast Radio CEO, Gerry Edwards

Podcast Radio is also announcing a content partnership agreement with Ohio-based podcast production company Evergreen Podcasts.

Several of Evergreen’s top-rated podcasts will be featured on Podcast Radio over the summer. Burn the Boats is one such podcast: where political leaders, influencers and other history makers talk about choices they made when failure was not an option.

The Eden’s End podcast, a five-part audio drama podcast written by Shaun Williamson of EastEnders and Extras fame will also feature.

Dominic King (L), Sid Moon, Shaun Williamson (R)

Podcast Radio is a station where listeners can discover, sample, choose and listen to new podcasts and podcast producers are able to showcase their content.

Consultant Paul Chantler who is a director of Podcast Radio says: “We’re all about discoverability. Listeners are bewildered by too much content and choice. We act as a trusted guide to some of the more interesting and entertaining podcasts”.


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