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LET'S KNOW THINGS - sharing knowledge

Let's Know Things: a show about context, nuance, and the news. Clever.

Each week the host, Colin Wright, expounds upon a news item, explains why it’s important, and shows how it connects to other current events, historical happenings, philosophical questions, economic considerations, and technological realities.

The goal is to help listeners understand what’s happening in the world, while helping those who are already plugged in to current events get more from what they’re consuming.


Colin Wright is a busy man...

Colin has written a few dozen books, speaks to audiences around the world on topics ranging from simple living to neuroscience, writes the Brain Lenses and Ask Colin columns, and has produced the Let’s Know Things podcast each week since 2016. And check this out: Colin has travelled the world full-time since 2009, but technically lives in the United States. What a story!



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