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Mahé Mysteries named in 'Best British Fiction' podcast list

There's no mystery on why it made the list.

Our Podcast Radio Original show, The Mahé Mysteries has made it into a list of the UK's 20 Best Fiction podcasts alongside some pretty lofty podcast bedfellows like H.G Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The fantastic Podcast Radio Original show (PRO-show) is a ten-part series from British expatriate journalist Patrick Muirhead, and has received rave reviews.

Written and recorded on location by Patrick – a former BBC World Service and Radio 4 announcer living in Mahé – it explores the realities of island life and its sinister underbelly in a seemingly tranquil tropical paradise.

Originally aired on Podcast Radio during lockdown - the series tells of the discovery of several old human skulls placed around the remote tropical island paradise of Mahé, Seychelles, leads Patrick to uncover a series of deadly family secrets.

Patrick soon uncovers a white aristocratic family’s dark secrets and clues to an unsolved murder committed 20 years earlier. It's an addictive listen!

Have you checked out The Mahé Mysteries yet? Give it a listen today.


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