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NAKED GAMING - married co-hosts talk gaming!!

Naked Gaming: a series made by a 'couple' of podcasters, covering gaming and tech.

Join Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner (they’re married!) as they review the latest games, keep you across the gaming news, and they go old-school with "retro revival”.

You could say “it’s all fun and games”, but that would be a terrible strapline.

Also, their reporter Alex Rhodes gets landed with some of the worst simulator games that money can buy (although the team say they're cheap, so most of them are free to play). Ha!!


They're that good, there are FOUR twitter handles to catch them on...

@DJChrisBerrow, @LeighMilnerTV, @NakedGamingPod, @NakedScientists Across these social accounts, you'll see tech, gadgets, studios, broadcasting and, of course, lots of microphones!! Make sure you check out the official website below, it's very slick and we love it.


Naked Gaming Interview with Gene Baxter



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