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NEW: brand new brands!!

Podcast Radio is expanding by launching new 24/7 stations: Business, Comedy Crime. Business was the first of these several brand extensions to be created and can be heard on from the homepage.

Podcast Radio Business will showcase podcasts related to money, investing, entrepreneurship, marketing and branding. Comedy and Crime might be a little more obvious!

The new stations will be available digitally alongside the main Podcast Radio channel, with access via smartspeaker, app, web and online players. Look out for the Comedy and Crime brands...and even a preview of the upcoming Podcast Radio USA.

CEO Gerry Edwards says: “We’re really excited to launch Podcast Radio brand extensions. This means we can offer listeners genre-specific stations with podcast content to complement our main station. Business, comedy and crime podcasts have featured heavily on Podcast Radio since we launched two years ago and now these podcasts will have their own home as well as still being played on the main channel.”

Podcast Radio marries broadcasting and podcasting. It uses the trust and familiarity people have in radio to help them choose and discover podcasts from the millions available.


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