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NOVEL CONVERSATIONS - the greatest of classic literature

Novel Conversations: a podcast that rediscovers the world's greatest stories.

Frank Lavallo hosts two readers at a time and the three of them summarise the world’s greatest works of classic literature.

If you have ever enjoyed delving deep into a fascinating book, this podcast is for you. Find out why and how these stories helped shape history and society.

You'll fall in love with the way the hosts give their own reactions along the way.

If SparkNotes had an audio best friend, it would be this podcast! Follow the links below to catch all the episodes.


LOTS more at Evergreen...

Evergreen Podcasts features a growing catalogue of entertaining and informative podcasts, rooted in high creative values and production quality. So much so that Podcast Radio has decided to officially fly the Evergreen flag!

It's a Community...

Not just a production company, Evergreen is a community where people think big, capturing the colour and diversity of modern thinkers. From entrepreneurs and musicians to philosophers and artists, Evergreen is in the business of uniting audiences with boots-on-the-ground storytellers.



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